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Color and Image Arithmetic

2D Drawing


Oldskool Effects


Filtering and FT

  • Image Filtering: Blur, Find Edges, Emboss, ...
  • Fourier Transform: Introduction to FT and frequency spectrum of signals an images, and using it on RGB color images

Texture Generation

QuickCG can be downloaded here, it's required to compile the code in the articles.
DevC++ users can download a project file for QuickCG here: The following files are currently not used in any of the tutorials but are kept for completeness:

Recent Updates
27 December 2019: Better floor/ceiling rendering technique in the raycaster.
13 Januari 2018: Improvements to the floodfill code, and simplified a formula in the raycaster.
12 February 2016: Bug-, typo- and formatting fixes in all tutorials. No longer two versions of QuickCG.
20 August 2007: Fire tutorial updated to new QuickCG, and made waitFrame of QuickCG use seconds instead of milliseconds.
12 August 2007: Small non-backwards compatible QuickCG update.
3 July 2007: Fourier Transform article updated to the new QuickCG. Please let me know if something doesn't compile.
17 June 2007: The Raycasting tutorials have been updated to let the code work with the updated QuickCG. The other tutorials still use the old QuickCG code, therefor the .zip with the old QuickCG is made available for download again.
27 May 2007: This site has undergone some changes. The directory structure has changed. QuickCG has received an improvement. Some links of the site may not work, some code examples may not compile anymore due to non-backwards compatible changes to QuickCG. Some articles got removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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