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Tutorial Download Description
All about Lighting lighting.zip (2616 KB) Version 1.45 of the tutorial that covers everything about lighting in UnrealEd.
All about Movers movers.zip (1173 KB) All Mover properties and Mover classes explained, and some cool examples added.
Office Building Elevator elevator.zip (397 KB) An elevator that can go to 4 floors, with 4 buttons in it.  With inner and outer doors.
ExplodingWalls & BreakingGlass break.zip (260 KB) How to make things that break or explode when you shoot or touch it.
FaceDrag facedrag.zip (359 KB) An explanation on this hidden tool that is very, very handy.
Creating a CTF-Map for UT ctf.zip (191 KB) All you need to know when you make a CTF map for Unreal Tournament.



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