Roco Programming Language

Roco is a programming language that experiments a bit with a sort of coroutines.
It includes an interpreter (written in C++) that allows running roco programs.

Specification: roco.txt
Interpreter: roco.cpp


Hello World 1: hello1.txt
Hello World 2: hello2.txt
Hello World 3: hello3.txt
Hello World 4: hello4.txt
Cat: cat.txt
Nest: nest.txt
Pointers: pointers.txt
Loop: loop.txt

More Source Code

Brainfuck Interpreter in Roco: bf.txt - The proof that Roco is Turing complete :)
Older BF interpreter: bf_old.txt - Used fixed memory array so was no proof for Turing completeness

Copyright (c) 2007 by Lode Vandevenne