lpi, or Lode's Programming Interface, is game programming toolkit wirtten in C++, that uses SDL and OpenGL.

lpi is multiplatform. In Windows, the mingw32 compiler, and the IDE Dev-C++, are highly useful for this, in Linux it's just 2 seconds to type the g++ command.

The code is on the sourceforge SVN: http://lpi.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/lpi/

The project page is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpi/

I wanted to place it on Google Code instead of sourceforge, but Google Code said that a project on sourceforge already existed with that name and refused to create it. It didn't exist on sourceforge at all however, so I created it myself there then.

It contains a lot of useful things to quickly develop a 2D tilegame or a 3D OpenGL game, in C++.

It supports:

It changes a lot, sometimes things are added or extended, and sometimes I do cleanups in the lpi code that make the interface not backwards compatible but are an improvement.

lpi is useful for pure 2D tile games, 3D OpenGL games, and even non-game programs that need a GUI in OpenGL. For per-pixel graphics, something like QuickCG is more suitable.

Here are screenshots of some things that can be made with lpi:

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